Chicago Area Free Scuba Diving Experience with Butch Zemar

Ever wonder what its like to breath underwater? Join us underwater on October 17th. The Discover Scuba Diving program lets you experience the thrill of diving in a pool. During you...

What You Might See Underwater In The Midwest

What You Might See Underwater In The Midwest by bzemar

Airplane Underwater

We found an airplane at Gilboa Quarry. Butch Zemar

Amazing Helicopter Underwater!

We saw a helicopter underwater at Gilboa Quarry. Butch Zemar

Christmas Tree Underwater

It's always Christmas at Gilboa. Butch Zemar

Emergency Window

Just in case you need to know where it's at. Butch Zemar

A Sail Boat That Didn't Make It On The Surface

Great trip to Gilboa Quarry. This is a clip of a small Sail Boat that didn't make it on the surface. Butch Zemar

A Fisherman's Dream

Our weekend getaway to Gilboa had more fish than we can handle. We were able to capture it on video. That catfish is huge! I'd love to see it in a couple of years to see how m...