Chicago Area Free Scuba Diving Experience with Butch Zemar

Ever wonder what its like to breath underwater? Join us underwater on October 17th. The Discover Scuba Diving program lets you experience the thrill of diving in a pool. During your adventure, you'll master some basic concepts and have a lot of fun doing it! It's a great experience for the whole family. We will introduce scuba diving to you in a heated pool in water shallow enough to stand up in. Once you get comfortable with this great experience we will allow you to swim in 9ft of water. This is your chance to finally try it. There will be a video camera there to video tape those who want to be video taped. We will then publish them on YouTube and Facebook. It will be a blast! You should check out a couple videos from another class: What to bring to the class: 1) A Sense of adventure and fun! 2) Swimsuit and towel - There are changing rooms there with a handful of lockers to lock your items. 3) Medical questionnaire - 4) Bring a Scuba buddy (friend, relative, co-worker, employee, etc) You can send them this link to preregister: If you end up enjoying it as much as we do and want to learn more you can talk to the staff about what the next step is. It’s a great experience. Once you get certified, you are certified for life! You can take the card anywhere in the world and go scuba diving. You don’t have to worry about taking a small class every time you want to go out and enjoy the underwater world while on vacation. Click here for a map to Scuba Emporium:,0,10343741038053843880&ei=AtO0SvX6NIjSMuWe3NoO&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1 The not so fun stuff: - Have to be at least 10 years of age. (there are programs available for under the age of 10) - If there are any yes’s on the medical questionnaire it has to be signed by your doctor (a fax is OK). The lawyers require you to consult with your doctor if there are any medical questions. Date: Saturday, October 17, 2009 Time: 8:30am - 12:30pm Location: Scuba Emporium Street: 16336 104th Ave City/Town: Orland Park, IL To register click here: - Butch Zemar

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