New Adventures for Scuba Diving in 2012

Like with most new years, we are all looking for a new beginning. We set out to have news years resolutions and become the better... You. Some of use will start going to the gym, buy a new wardrobe, rebuild old relationships or just think more positive. Everyone has their own thing they want better. This is why decided to come up with a new look for 2012.  "My students kept asking why don't I have a logo.  The most honest answer is I never did get around to it.  Stepping up to the plate to do this opened up other doors on things that I didn't think were there." said, Scuba Butch from "This creates new adventures and for that I'm grateful (and excited)." Zemar continued. Achieving milestones is just part of the adventure. This is usually an exciting or unusual experience. Some may say it is for the bold and risky, or it can just be something out of the norm for someone. Adventurous activities can lead to more experience and knowledge. With scuba diving, this is always a positive thing to increase enjoyment and safety. There are many scuba divers out there looking for the new adventure. This could be world travels, a new class, or just to go scuba diving more, locally. Whatever it is, wants to hear about it. We are currently taking in videos or blog postings talking about your next scuba diving adventure. Share it to the world. They want to hear about it in 2012. Some of these adventures can include, but not be limited to the list: - Scuba diving the world - New equipment - New class (hence, adventure) - Discovery of new limits such as a shipwreck (technical diving, depending on statistics) - Becoming an active divemaster or scuba diving instructor - New business venture in the scuba diving industry (no cost exposure, but no sales pitch) - Meeting new people in great places doing what you enjoy, scuba diving Some scuba divers rather stay private about their experience and that's understandable. However, there are many scuba divers who want the world to know about their scuba diving experience and that is what we want to help with. Sharing it to the world will make it that much more of a milestone for you. Telling everyone about this adventure may lead you to meet someone, or a group of people, striving to do the same thing as you; creating friendships. This elevates the fun. After all, that's why we scuba dive. Please send all blog postings, articles submission or questions through our contact form on  If it is a video, please upload it to and send us a link at

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