Scuba Diving On A Rainy Day

Rise and shine at 4am Sunday morning. Dragging myself from bed almost questioning what I was doing getting up so early. My dive buddy arrived at about 5am to load up the dive gear and hit the road. Breakfast consist of the typical diving stories and what we plan on doing. The gates opened at 7am, we checked in and set up our dive gear. By 8am we were suited up head to toe like a costume party with a real scuba tank on our backs. To my surprise, the water temperature was 72 degrees on the surface. After heading down and establishing good buoyancy and passing through a thermocline making it about 65 degrees, we swam along the wall of the quarry road that divers use to walk into the quarry. This wall was about 22ft deep. It’s a cool site to see the occasional huge bluegill and bass swim by as you are enjoying the quarry reef. During the rest of the dive we came across training platforms and a swim through tube. This time we didn’t make an attempt to swim through the tube. It will be more excitement for another dive. After about twenty minutes or so we ended the dive to take a short break on the road of the quarry. After about twenty minutes of talking about the dive we decided to go down for dive number two. We hit the training platform and practice some of our skills. Then we took a compass reading and headed off towards the new airplane. Thankfully I knew it was due east. We literally ‘trucked’ across at mid-water. For a moment things got darker. As we continued, which seemed like forever, the water did get a little darker. At that point I canceled the dive not sure how close we were to the wall and why did it get dark under the water. As we surfaced the sky was dark like it was going to rain. I thought to myself, “I spoke too soon” when the rain started to pour down. As we float on the surface we started to see lightning. We headed into the shore. There is one thing that was for sure... the rain came down hard. It was really cool to be there in the middle of the quarry and not worried about how wet you were getting. The mask prevented water getting in your eyes as the rain came pouring down. What an amazing sight! The rain was splashing into the quarry water producing a cool effect to watch as we were swimming to shore. We did eventually get out and had to wait to go diving again until the storm passed by. The storm passed by after about twenty minutes so we decided to hit the quarry one last time before heading out to our other afternoon activities. This time we were determined to get to the airplane. We swam across the quarry to the east wall. We went down the wall to about 18ft deep and just south of there on the wall was the airplane looks like it had a crash landing right into the wall. It’s covered in rocks. In side the cockpit you can see the fake remains of a skull to add to the adventure. It’s a smaller airplane but it did the job. After spending about 5-10 minutes on the airplane we shot over at about a 45 degree angle going southwest in the quarry and we ran into a Marine Corps dump truck. We hit another thermocline reaching a temperature of about 55 degrees (I think it was closer to 50 degrees). We checked that out for about 5-10 minutes before ending the dive. Now that was some great Midwest scuba diving.

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