Shipwrecks are treasures

Diver-Taking-Photo-on-Spigel-GroveMost people don’t realize it, but shipwrecks are treasures for us to find. Almost like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Treasure Island, there is treasure in shipwrecks. Recently, there has been more buzz around the finding of shipwrecks. Now, certain, the ones that gain most of the attention are those shipwrecks with a couple hundred tons of silver or gold. What about those shipwrecks that were lost in the 1700′s, 1800′s and even in the early 1900′s. These shipwrecks are treasures and still worth us looking for and finding. What got me to thinking about this again was a recent find on a Florida beach. This shipwreck was found in the sand by turtle watchers. So, no diving needed on this one. While they don’t know the name of the ship and they have not identified the era. It is still a treasure trove of information and yes, treasure. This treasure though is to give us a glimpse into the past. How were these ships made, where were they made, and what were they made of. Ship builders of the past had certain traits that are on display for those of us looking for them. It is a way to tell who built the ship, what was the ship designed for and the era the ship was built in. That information is huge as we work to understand how the sailing vessels have evolved from the days of Greek ships made of reeds to the mammoth steel freighters of today. So yes look; shipwrecks are treasures for us to enjoy and learn from. More importantly, they are to light our imagination and sense of adventure to search out our past.

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