Underwater Crime Scene Investigator Presents at Our World Underwater Feb 15-17, 2013

  [caption id="attachment_699" align="alignleft" width="104"]Our World Underwater Our World Underwater[/caption] Our World Underwater, OW-U, is the biggest consumer scuba and travel show in the Midwest. This year, author and investigator, Mack House, Jr., is presenting one of his best workshops. The couple hour workshop sessions are jam packed with information on various topics that are of interest to many divers. Not only public safety divers will take an interest to this workshop, but curious scuba divers will, too. These workshops describes the best practices based on science and innovations. There will be two workshops held at OW-U. The first one is Decontamination Protocols - Diving equipment-configuration for the safety of the Diver and the importance of exothermic diving systems. This workshop may contribute to the divers own professional practice, safe diving practices and safe diving operations. This workshop will also cover brain eating amoebas: body fluids i.e. Blood borne pathogens and contaminates. Identifying the educational requisites for the recreational diver and crime scene investigator diver and technologist that provides precautionary and preventative measures that increase diver safety in uncertain environments. Case Reviews is the second workshop. This workshop will cover multiple case reviews regarding submerged victims and crime scene investigation protocols. This workshop identifies the leadership requisites from beginning of the investigative process to conclusion, that transform the practice environment's quality and momentum in achieving professional and positive investigative outcomes. Case reviews evaluate strategies that maximize the potential of the crime scene investigator practice by solving both theoretical and practical problems associated with crime scene investigations and forensic science. Mack House was a master diver for the United States Navy as a veteran and a civilian contractor. He is a published author of Underwater Forensics. Our World Underwater has brought him to Chicago to share his expert knowledge with other divers. Mr. House has a series of workshops at OW-U February 15, 16, and 17th 2013. Sign up early to reserve your spot. For more information about Our World Underwater, please contact the show administrator, Jim Gentile, 708-226-1614 or

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