Scuba Search on Google - Scuba Diving Chicago Gets Better

Over the weekend, I was relaxing my living room thinking of an idea to write about.  Of course, my mind was drawing a blank.  So I decided to search the word scuba.  Google <> came up with 13.8 Million searches for that key word. Right under local listings, <> was there for all to view.  I've attached a screenshot for everyone to see. At this point, many would say I need to pat myself on the back (or my social media guys at Focused Online Marketing<>).  However, with one busy summer of scuba diving, golf and spending time with the family, there hasn't been much time to devote to the site.  What this tells me is, scuba, is more alive than ever. Scuba diving has taken years to evolve. Although most people that are certified to scuba dive originally earn the certification because of a specific trip or vacationing, many want to scuba locally.  The old cliché, "who goes scuba diving in the Midwest" is becoming old and obsolete. Scuba diving in Chicago is still happening right now, fall of 2011.  The water is turning chillier, that's for sure. However, that's why the great minds in scuba diving created thermo protection.  Once you break the surface, you won't even realize that you are wearing all that crazy neoprene or dry suit. As the winter approaches us, there will be opportunities to keep up with your scuba diving skills.  Taking the Scuba Review class and jumping in the pool is always a great start.  If you cannot get away, you can take some local trips such as Bonne Terre, MO and dive in a mine shaft.  Learn more while you are dry and take non-diving specialties such as becoming an equipment specialist or know more about aquatic injuries. Now, stay tuned for up and coming events and classes.  Just by staying active you will enhance your diving experience so you can enjoy it even more. Butch Zemar

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