Dusty, Rusty Scuba Divers

Life takes it's toll. We are all busy, I get that. Scuba diving typically gets put on a shelf after a while and starts collecting dust. In today's tight economy, people are just not spending the money on extra things. We are creatures of habit and eventually scuba diving gets put to rest, for now. As time goes on, with anything, we get rusty. This could be as simple as swinging a bat or throwing a football. It's just not second nature like it used to be. Then our reflexes slow down and things can become a danger if we are not careful. Take driving a car for an example. You go months, or even years without driving and then jump behind the wheel. You are a little cautious and nervous all at the same time. This is not a good thing on the roadway. The same goes with scuba diving. When I teach my classes, especially entry level classes, I tell all of them the most important thing to do with your scuba certification is to keep diving. It is important to keep taking classes, but if you can't, just keep diving. The more you dive the more you develop long term motor skills that are harder to shake. This increases safety every time you go scuba diving. Every summer there are always groups of divers going out scuba diving at the local quarries. Most of them, if not all of them, will always allow divers to join them. Every time I am out for a 'training weekend' I invite divers who are not taking classes as well. At a certain point in the day there will be one of the students who is done with their class who will want to go out for a fun dive. Why wouldn't you tag along? Now you tell me, "I get it, I can go out scuba diving during the summer locally, but what do I do for the winter". There are scuba facilities that have access to pools either in their facility or off site. In either case they can make arrangements to get you in the pool to keep you up on your skills. Typically they charge twenty or thirty dollars to participate. Check with your local dive shop to see what they have to offer. I'd say that's a pretty inexpensive way to get in the pool for about an hour or so to hone your skills. Now you can experience scuba all year round. We are all in this tough economic time, feeling it in some way, shape or form. My way of trying to help out with this is to offer all certified scuba divers a chance to get wet in a heated pool in the middle of the winter, at no cost. This includes all equipment needed for the pool that you don't have. Feel free to bring your own equipment if you have it. This will give you a chance to get your gear wet as well, which is the whole reason why you bought the equipment in the first place. There are changing rooms so bring a swimsuit, towel, a change of clothes and a spirt of adventure! Oh yeah! Don't forget your certification card! That's your ticket in. Mark your calendars for January 22, 2011. Make sure you register for a time spot so we can expect you to come in. Space is very limited! The time slots will be every hour on the hour from 10am to 2pm. We may not do this again, so make sure you get in there and get wet. To register you can send an email to butch @ scubabutch.com or call the store at 708-226-1614 and ask for Tim Linse. Scuba Emporium 16336 S. 104th Ave. Orland Park, IL 60467 I look forward to seeing all of you there! Happy Diving, Butch Zemar

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